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Umpires have an important role to play, and being an umpire provides you with much more than just the ability to officiate the rules of the game.  Our aim is to develop our umpires in a friendly, safe environment whilst teaching them a range of skills from basic up to National 'C Badge' level.  

Our umpire training commences with our 'Green Shirt Umpiring' Program.  This is a practical umpiring course aimed at developing and training beginner umpires, of all ages to ultimately attain their National C Badge.  Our trainees are trained by experienced, badges umpires who have been specifically trained to teach our beginner umpires.  We keep our trainee umpire numbers low so that trainee's have the best environment to learn the skills necessary to become a confident, skilled umpire.  The minimum age to participate in this program is 12 years old (or turning 12 within the current season).

Our 'Green Shirt' Umpiring Program is very popular, with limited placements available throughout the season.  Participants who would like to be added to our waiting list for the 'Green Shirt Program, must complete and pass the online 'Rules of Netball' Exam through Netball Australia.  Once completed, please email us the completion certificate and our Umpire Administrator will be in contact once a place becomes available in our  program.  Green Shirt umpires will generally start umpiring in our Saturday competition, with a trainer in attendance.  Umpires will only progress to weekday competition umpiring when the Umpire Coordinator deems the trainee ready to progress.  

Once a trainee umpire is competent in the  expected skills required, they will progress to a 'Blue Shirt' trainee umpire and will generally umpire weekday competitions with a training supervisor as required.  As Blue Shirt umpires refine their umpiring skills, and they can consistently meet the key performance indicators (KPI's) as set by the National Umpire Development Framework, National C Badge testing can be arranged at the discretion of the Umpire Coordinator.  

Further information can be obtained by emailing the Umpire Administrator.

Rules of Netball 2024.png

The Rules of Netball 2024 Edition can be downloaded here for personal use.

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