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LNA is run by a dedicated group of people who volunteer their time to ensure that our members have an enjoyable netball experience year in and year out.  Following the AGM each year, the information contained on this website will be reviewed and updated accordingly.  Additionally, changes will be made during the season as further information, events, changes, and modifications are required.  As many of our volunteers are parents who also work full time, sometimes it takes time to upload this information in the background.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we undertake these updates.  At times, the information contained on the website may not be the latest information.  We endeavour to update this ASAP, however, whilst this occurs, please refer to our Facebook page to stay abreast of the most current information.  Please advise us via email if you find any conflicting information on this page.


Season information is updated as early as possible in the new year.   

Registrations generally open late February/Early March, and we will email our members and advertise on Facebook when these registration links are available.

Participants who play for a club (ie HBL, MLC etc) are advised to wait until their club issues their registrations details prior to registration.

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